Common Hardwood Floor Care Myths

Common Hardwood Floor Care Myths

Of the many different types of flooring material, hardwood is still one of the most elegant and refined home flooring options available. However, it is important that those who have hardwood floors or are considering having them installed be aware of several important facts relating to caring for hardwood floors. This is particularly true because of the prevalence of a number of different myths and misconceptions regarding hardwood floor care, including:

Myth: The best way to clean hardwood floors is by damp mopping.

Fact: Dry mopping, rather than damp, is the best way to keep hardwood floors clean and looking their best. Moisture exposure can cause a number of different problems for hardwood floors, including deterioration of the finish and potential warping in extreme cases.

Myth: A change in the color of hardwood floors is a sign of defective wood or finishes.

Fact: Hardwood floors often gradually change color over time, particularly if they are exposed to sunlight. One of the best ways to prevent the color of your floors from fading is by keeping curtains or shades over your windows.

Myth: Vinegar and ammonia-based cleaning products are the best ways to keep my floor clean.

Fact: You should never use vinegar or ammonia-based products to clean your hardwood floors, as these can cause permanent damage to the finish or even the wood itself.

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