Eliminating Skunk Odor from Your Home

Eliminating Skunk Odor from Your Home

After a family pet is sprayed by a skunk, it will often attempt to rid its fur of the smell by rubbing against your home’s furniture and carpet. The result is an entire home that smells like a skunk – an odor that can be difficult if not impossible to eliminate. The first thing you should do is thoroughly bathe your pet in order to rid their fur of the smell. Speed is a necessity – the longer the smell stays on the pet’s body, the more deeply it will penetrate its fur. After you have removed the odor from your pet’s fur, you may begin the process of removing the unwanted smell from your home.

If your home is experiencing an unpleasant or unwanted odor, the Austin carpet and upholstery cleaning specialists at WOW Total Cleaning can help. We provide a comprehensive range of cleaning services to leave your home smelling great and looking beautiful. Contact us by calling 512-291-0048 to schedule an appointment today.

Elimination Techniques

There are many differing opinions on how to effectively remove skunk odor from carpet and upholstery. Some of these techniques may require several repetitions until the odor is completely removed. Some of techniques for removal of skunk odor include:

  • Spraying with aerosol deodorizers
  • Washing affected area with chlorine bleach or vinegar
  • Hiring a carpet cleaning professional

Although home remedies and cleaners purchased from the store may help reduce skunk odors, a professional carpet and upholstery cleaning provides the most effective and fast means of elimination. A cleaning professional is trained in the removal of stubborn odors, and can utilize cleaning techniques that will ensure the highest chance of success.

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