HVAC Leaks

HVAC Leaks

Heating and air conditioning systems, commonly called HVAC appliances, are responsible for maintaining a comfortable temperature in a home or commercial building. However, these large machines can also leak and create substantial condensation that can eventually cause significant damage to a building.

In some cases, it may be necessary for a homeowner or property owner to clean up this leak and any water damages with professional help in order to avoid permanent damage. Contact the Austin water extraction experts of WOW Total Cleaning today by calling 512-291-0048 to schedule an appointment for a water extraction technician to help you.

Sources of Heating and Air Conditioning Leaks

There are a range of HVAC problems that can lead to the leakage of water or condensation from the heating or cooling units. These causes can often be fixed with a simple repair, yet they often go unnoticed at first. Over time, they can cause significant damages to a home or building if left unchecked. For instance, water damages can ruin floors and walls and cause the growth of hazardous molds.

The following HVAC problems can be linked to water damage:

  • Broken or missing insulation
  • Faulty condensate pump
  • Cracked or broken tubes
  • Defective or broken pans and draining traps
  • Leaking humidifier
  • Leaking boiler drain
  • Clogged floor drain

Many of these leaks may not become readily apparent until the leak has persisted for some time. As a result, damage can already be done to flooring by the time someone can fix the leak.

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If you are cleaning up after a HVAC leak, you may want professional help with removing the water and repairing the damages. For more information regarding our courteous and experienced technicians, contact the Austin water extraction specialists of WOW Total Cleaning today at 512-291-0048.