Removing Grime from Your Grout

Removing Grime from Your Grout

Tile grout gradually accumulates grime over months and years, becoming discolored with stains as it builds up. While it can be fairly easy to clean the smooth surfaces of tile, grout can be a particularly tricky surface to clean. Since it is a rougher surface, grout can gather dirt and grime in its tiny pits and grooves, making it seem impossible to clean. If you are struggling with embarrassing grout stains in your bath, kitchen, or floors, the helpful Austin grout cleaning professionals of WOW Total Cleaning are prepared to help you restore your grout.

Types of Grime

Many different substances can contribute to grout grime over the years. If you have noticed grout discoloration, your grout may have accumulated one or more of the following substances:

  • Dirt
  • Mold
  • Mildew
  • Food stains
  • Shoe grime

In a bathroom, your grout is most likely stained with mold and mildew, which build up in damp spaces. In the kitchen, a back splash can become discolored from a buildup of food stains and mildew. Tile floors may accumulate a combination of these, along with dirt and shoe grime tracked in from outside.

To remove these substances from your tile grout, our Austin grout cleaning specialists apply a pre-conditioner to the affected grout, which is baby and pet safe. We then used specialized cleaning tools to scrub and power wash the grout, removing grime buildup. A sealant can also be applied after cleaning to protect your grout from grime buildup and keep it looking cleaner for longer.

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