Dirty carpets are a health hazard

Studies have shown that carpets can hold up to eight times their own weight in toxins, dust, dirt, and pesticides without there being any visible sign that something is wrong.

The EPA has stated that 80 percent of human exposure to pesticides happens indoors. Every time you spray an aerosol can, spray for bugs, or use any sort of airborne or liquid cleaner around a carpet, some of it will sink down and settle into the fabric. Every time you walk around in your shoes, even if they appear clean, they are leaving small amounts of dirt and dust on the carpet. Every time you take a step, microscopic toxins rise from the carpet.

Over time, this accumulated chemical waste, dirt and other undesirable material builds up to hazardous levels that can be harmful to you or your children.

The EPA has also found that chances of exposure to hazardous chemicals are 10-50 times higher in carpeted rooms than outdoors. Plush and shag carpets are even greater potential risks.

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