Quick beats “green” in cleaning

Although going “green” may be popular in the automotive and food industry, cleaning products have become increasingly concerned with being disposable.

Citing convenience, many Americans are finding themselves leaving behind their old mops, brooms, and toilet bowl scrubbers, and picking up new single-use pads and brushes. Some even offered that not only are the new materials more expedient, but are also more thorough in a wider variety of cleaning situations. Certainly, for a germaphobe, the toilet bowl brush is a nightmare, prompting the popularity of new disposable alternatives.

However, others contend that these less environmental choices are unnecessary. In the case of toilet bowl scrubbers, toilet bowl brushes fail to contaminate as much as expected, seeing how most people clearly know and understanding how dirty they are, and will take special care around them, said the president of The Housekeeping Channel.

In response to new environmental complaints over these products, some companies are issuing new eco-friendly lines of cleaners, trying to offer some balance between responsible and efficient cleaning.

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