TN dumping blamed on carpet cleaner

A Tennessee carpet cleaning company is under fired after some of its employees were caught dumping chemicals out of a company truck.

The Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office reported that deputies located the site of the dump on Rocky Ledge Road, and later connected a previous carpet cleaning service at a nearby location. The substance found in the dump was consistent enough with the suspicions that the company may be under environmental scrutiny.

Tennessee’s Department of Environment and Conservation specialists had analyzed the scene in question.

According to the company’s production manager, it was not clear how frequent this kind of action was being undertaken by employees. He make it clear that other types of dumping, including removing excess fluid into car wash drains or toilets, were acceptable according to the standards established by the Environmental Protection Agency.

He went on to state that if the employees in question were caught dumping materials in inappropriate places again, the second incident could cost them their jobs.

A cleaning truck can hold up to 55 gallons of liquid.

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