Oklahoma flooding leaves hotel ruined

Oklahoma City businesses are still cleaning out their work spaces after flooding that wrecked several locations.

Monday’s storms ruined businesses throughout the city. In particular, the Executive Inn near to I-35 is an example that many can commiserate with.

Left for days, many rooms, at least 20, will have to have their carpets removed due to water damage. Furniture and the building structures were damaged in the flood. The owners expect to pay thousands of dollars in repair efforts.

While the bottom floor of the hotel is closed, they are still running floors on higher levels that were not destroyed by the flooding. Recent hail storms have prompted further repairs as well.

Flooding can cause massive damages to the lower levels of your house or business. Even when a basement, finished or not, floods, property and structural damages can wreak havoc. Getting a professional who understands the most efficient cleaning methods and uses the proper tools can make sure that the daunting process of picking up the pieces is less stressful. Contact the Austin water extraction and restoration professionals of WOW Total Cleaning at 512-291-0048 to discuss your options today.

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