Moldy Walls, Mushrooms in Carpet Found in Texas Apartment Complex

Moldy walls and mushrooms in the carpet of an apartment complex in Tyler, Texas have been blamed for the tenant’s health problems.

Bobbie Day is a 62 year-old resident of 1806 West Oakwood, but has been in a hospital for the last week. Her son Courtney Day said his mother is “having seizures, headaches, abdominal pain and rashes.” Day’s children arrived in town after their mother had to be hospitalized and discovered a wall of mold beneath the paneling in one of her bedrooms.

After notifying the authorities a City of Tyler housing service inspector was called to Day’s residence for an emergency inspection. The special check resulted in numerous violations; the air conditioning was out, there were mushrooms growing through the carpet, and mold under all the walls.

The city of Tyler said the landlord has 24 hours from the time of the emergency inspection report was made to find a licensed mold removal specialist and correct the problem.

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