The importance of cleaning air ducts

The air ducts in homes and businesses can quickly accumulate a number of dangerous contaminants including dust, mold, spores, dander, pollen, and allergens that can seriously affect a person’s breathing.  When a person inhales contaminants like dust and pollen over a long period of time they can build up in a person’s lungs and impair breathing.

The frequency of cleanings needed ranges for different households and businesses.  Homes and businesses with smokers, pets, water contamination, or residents with allergies or asthma should have their air ducts cleaned more frequently.  Additionally, people moving into a new home or who have just had renovations done should hire professionals to clean their air ducts.

Indoor air pollution is very often an ignored problem, but it can also often be even more harmful than outdoor pollution.  It is important to have your air ducts cleaned often and by professionals to protect you and your loved ones’ health.  If you or someone you know is in need of air duct cleaning services, contact the Austin air duct cleaning specialists of Wow Total Cleaning at 512-291-0048 to learn more.

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