Iowa to Receive $84M in Flood Recovery Funding

Federal officials announced Thursday more than $84 million in federal funding will go to help Iowa with flood recovery.

According to Ron Sims, deputy director of the United States’ Department of Housing and Urban Development, the agency designated Iowa to receive more than one-fourth of the $312 million in community development block grant funding provided for 2008 natural disasters. “Iowa understands that investing in the future is critical,” Sims said.

Sims said Iowa has already invested heavily in projects like home buyouts, relocation, and improvement programs as well as flood mitigation, prevention, and recovery efforts. He added that every dollar invested in hazard-mitigation programs will save $4 form the cost of the next disaster.

“Sometimes it’s a hard sell to convince individuals to invest in the future when you have so many immediate needs. But Iowans understood that these were sound investments,” Sims said.

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