Cleaning Natural Stone Floors

Natural stone floors add a touch of elegance to any home, but without proper upkeep their beauty can fade.

Abrasive materials like Sand, dirt, and grit are the most damaging to natural stone surfaces. Stone floors need to be dust mopped frequently, using a clean, dry, non-treated dust mop or broom. Vacuum cleaners are ideal for stone, however a vacuum in poor condition may scratch the floor.

After removing loose grit and dirt, using a damp mop will help with dust and restore shine. After moping, dry the surface with a soft, clean cloth. Use cleaner sparingly, as an excess of soap may cause streaks or leave residue. Only specialty cleaners designed for stone should be used on the floor. Never use acidic products like ammonia or scouring powders.

If you want to keep your natural floors looking beautiful for life, please call the Austin Floor Cleaners of WOW Total Cleaning at 521-291-0048.

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