FEMA Rejects Texas Plea for Flood Assistance

The Federal Emergency Management Agency is refusing to declare Tropical Storm Hermine a disaster, denying Texas’ plea for federal aid.

Texas Governor Rick Perry requested federal aid following Tropical Strom Hermine, which killed 8 people and caused flooding in 13 counties in September. The Federal Emergency Management Agency has ruled that flood damage is not “of such severity and magnitude as to be beyond the capabilities of the State,” according to a statement released Friday.

Homeowners packed city council meetings across northern Texas, pleading for help. Over 200 homes were damaged in the storm, and my homeowners were caught without flood insurance.

Flood victim Randy Harrington spoke to the Arlington city council following FEMA’s announcement. “Where do we go?” asked Harrington. “We keep working, we keep praying. We rely on our friends that have helped us, but who else has family and friends? These people are devastated out here. We were hoping we could get the help, and we deserve the help.”

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