Stip and Wax Basics

While many tile floors are marketed as “no wax” by their manufacturers, not all tile flooring is wax free.

Washing and waxing a tile floor may improve its appearance for a short time, but repeating the process can cause a build-up of wax, resulting in a dull, yellow appearance. The only way to remove excess wax, and restore your floor to it’s original appearance, is the strip and wax process.

The strip and wax process uses a chemical wax stripper that is suited to your floor. Liberally applying the wax stripper to your floor, and allowing it to soak, will ensure the floor is build-up free upon completion. After the stripper is allowed to work, all the excess wax is delicately and diligently scraped away from the floor. Finally the floor is re-waxed to add a professional shine, and restore your floor to it’s original glory.

The Austin strip and wax specialists of WOW Total Cleaning take pride in doing a good job, and never cut corners. For more information on the strip and wax process, please contact the Austin Carpet Cleaners by calling 521-291-0048.

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