Water Heater Explosion Leaves Home Flooded, Uninhabitable

A water heater explosion in a Santa Fe house Tuesday caused city officials to declare the home uninhabitable.

According to Santa Fe Fire Department Battalion Commander Marty Sena, the incident occurred shortly after 12:00 p.m. Tuesday on the city’s east-side. Sena said the water heater, located in the basement of the building, exploded, likely due to a problem with a gas line. The explosion blew out windows and cracked walls. The basement was also flooded with water.

Three occupants of the house were on the ground level at the time of the explosion but were not injured. Officials with the Santa Fe Fire Department say the water heater explosion could have been much worse. “There was no active fire,” Sena said. “There was some dust, sort of like concrete dust, because the house is made out of block.”

Response crews covered windows and shored up a sagging wall. The occupants of the house were not allowed back inside the building because the structure was determined to be unsafe. Firefighters retrieved credit cards and other property for the tenants, who will be living with friends until water extraction professionals work in the building next week.

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