Pipe Bursts at Self-Storage Center, Units Flooded

A self-storage center in Salisbury flooded last weekend after a pipe burst, destroying thousands of dollars worth of tenants’ property.

Lee Vickrey returned to his storage locker at Gateway Storage to find all his belongings completely drenched in water. A pipe burst in the storage facility and flooded a number of units. Vickrey said his furniture was completely ruined. “The boxes just fell apart,” he told reporters. “[The furniture] had to be underwater for quite sometime to soak up that much.”

The storage units at Gateway are not equipped with drains, so tenants’ property sat underwater for days, or possibly weeks. A statement released by Gateway owner Cameron Dunlap, said his business is not responsible for the damage. “As uncommon as this circumstance is,” Dunlop said, “this is a prime example of why we suggest to each tenant that they should purchase tenant insurance to protect their items.”

The facility has brought in a water extraction team to drain the storage units.

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