Officials to Re-Examine Austin Flood Maps

Federal and City of Austin officials announced they will re-examine the likelihood of flooding in several areas of the city.

According to city officials, the three-year process could affect whether property owners must buy flood insurance. Federal officials said last week flood plan maps are out of date and possibly inaccurate.The city has not identified any areas it considers to be at higher flood risk than listed, but officials say waterways like Shoal, Bull, and Boggy creeks may be more likely to overrun their banks than previously believed.

The City Council last week approved $1.1 million for the map updates. The Federal Emergency Management Agency will also spend $1.1 million. Supervising engineer at the city’s Watershed Protection Department Kevin Shunk said safety is the agency’s top priority. “The reason to [re-do flood maps] is to protect citizens,” Shunk said. “It’s to let them know what the risk of flooding actually is, so they can take proper steps to prepare for it.”

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