Higher Austin Flood Risks in Summer than Spring

Summer is fast approaching, and though flooding is a concern statewide, Austin is a season away from a likely flood risk.

According to National Weather Service records, the five most historic floods in the city of Austin all happened after heavy rain in the mid to late summer. Snow has made flooding a major concern across the state, but Assistant City Engineer of Austin Steve Lang says “it’s just all about timing.”

“It all depends on how fast it melts and if there’s a rain event with that melt,” Lang said. Heavy rain and frozen ground are the chief flooding concerns.

The worst recorded Austin spring flood occurred 61-years ago in March, when the crest reached 17.8 feet. Last September’s flood reached 20.6 feet and was the sixth worst recorded flood in city history.

The most recent spring flood occurred in April, 2001. The ground was so saturated that continues rain caused the Cedar River to crest twice in several days.

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