Strip and Wax Supplies

If your floor begins to look yellow with built-up wax, it may be time to strip it down, but you’ll need the proper supplies.

Before beginning the strip and wax process it is important that you select the correct wax stripper. To save time, select a stripper that does not require rinsing. Once you have a stripper, you’ll need a few other basic items, including:

–          Rubber Gloves

–          Cotton Mop

–          Putty Knife

–          Floor Squeegee

–          Dustpan

–          Rags and buckets

Before you begin the process, you may want to test the stripper on a part of the floor that is not usually visible. Certain older linoleum floors cannot withstand wax stripping.

For more information on the strip and wax process, contact the Austin floor cleaners of WOW Total Cleaning by calling 512-291-0048.

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