Baltimore Home Flooded After Water Heater Explosion

A faulty hot water heater exploded at a home in Baltimore Thursday.

According to officials with the Ballarat County Sheriff’s Department, a 50-gallon drum landed on the porch of a nearby home while the explosion destroyed the basement of a residence. Police say the hot water heater became a flying projectile, flying more than 200 feet into the air.

Firefighters say it was lucky nobody was injured in the explosion. “Luckily the explosion happened when nobody was in the factory,” County Fire Authority operations officer Bernie Fradd said. “The back of the building was pretty well destroyed. [The water heater] landed right on the porch, but if it went through a window or hit someone’s roof it could have been a disaster.”

Firefighters are investigating the explosion. Authorities say the home sustained structural damage, as well as flooding. The homeowners are staying with family until the investigation is complete.

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