Housing Authority Issues Black Mold Warning for Manhattan Apartment Building

The New York City Housing Authority has issued a black mold warning for two apartment towers in East Harlem.

In a recent New York Times article, writer Michael Powell ventured into the Jefferson Towers in Manhattan to examine the full extent of the black mold problem. Powell wrote that a “thick carpet” of mold runs down the walls and ceilings of the complex. When touched, the spores float through the air.

According to the article, Authority records note that the mold has “dispersed throughout” the building since it was first reported in 2006. An inspector wrote in his reports that the occupants should relocate immediately.

Powell also reported on one resident, 42 year-old Arita Latchman, who has become very sick from the mold. Lachman has a “sound like a baby’s rattle at the back of her throat,” Powell wrote. She told the reporter she has had over twenty CAT scans to identify the exact cause of her respiratory problems, unaware that the culprit may be living on the walls of her home.

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