Removing Stains from Tile Floors

A tile floor can be a beautiful addition to any home, but stains on tile floors can be quite the challenge.

There are many tile and grout cleaners on the market, but it is important to know what will and will not work on your tile floor. Many chemical cleaners are abrasive and can actually damage a tile’s surface. If you choose to buy a chemical floor cleaner, make sure you test the product on a small, unseen section of the floor.

Natural cleaners can be made at home quite easily and they tend to be far less abrasive than chemical cleaners, and safe for frequent use. One popular tile and grout cleaner is made by mixing equal parts baking soda, ammonia, and vinegar with seven parts water. By adding those items into a spray bottle, you can easily target and treat stains on tile floors.

To discuss your floor cleaning needs with an Austin residential tile and grout cleaning expert, please contact WOW Total Cleaning by calling 512-291-0048.


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