The Strip and Wax Process

The goal of a strip and wax is to remove old wax buildup and apply a new finish to a floor.

As small dust and dirt particles work their way into floor wax over time, the floor will begin to turn yellow and look dirty, even though a new coat of wax will restore its shine. The only way to return a waxed floor to its original appearance and rid it of its yellow color is to strip the old wax from the floor.

The tools needed for a strip and wax job include:

–          Rubber gloves

–          Mop

–          Scrub pads

–          Putty knife

–          Buckets

–          Squeegee

Before beginning the strip and wax process, remove all furniture and obstructions from the room. Start by sweeping and vacuuming the area thoroughly to remove any debris. Apply the chemical wax stripper to a small area in the corner of the room. Allow the stripper to soak in and apply stripper to another corner of the room.

After allowing the stripper to soak in, use the putty knife and scrubbing pads to strip away the old wax. Once each section is clear of wax, sponge the area with fresh water. After the entire floor is stripped, allow the surface to dry before applying a fresh coat of wax.

For more information on the strip and wax process, please contact the Austin Strip and Wax Specialists of WOW Total Cleaning by calling 512-291-0048.

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