Removing a red wine stain from grout

Grout found between pieces of tile is often a difficult material to clean, especially if it has been stained by red wine. There are four easy steps to take to remove a stubborn red wine stain from grout.

First, dry the area with a clean cloth. Then, use a sponge soaked in a combination of dish soap and warm water to wipe the grout area clean.

Second, create a mixture which includes 4 tbsp. each of baking soda, ammonia, and undiluted white vinegar and a liter and a half of water. Spray this solution onto the stain and let sit for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, rinse area with clean water.

Third, spray hydrogen peroxide directly onto the stain. Leave on for 30 minutes, and then repeat if needed.

Last, create a paste composed of bleach and baking soda and scrub the stain with a grout brush.

After rinsing off the paste, the red wine stain should be gone.

To learn more about removing stains from grout, contact the Austin tile and grout cleaning experts of WOW Total Cleaning by calling 512-291-0048.

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