Seven areas that should be cleaned daily at home

There are several areas of a home that need daily cleaning in order to avoid build up and a larger mess to deal with in the future.

Dusting should occur every day to remove allergens and dust mites that have settled. Electronic appliances, including televisions and equipment, should be cleaned daily to improve the longevity of the equipment. Dishes that pile up in the sink need to be removed and cleaned in less than 12 hours of being put there. Cleaning the dishes each day helps keep the area sanitary.

Each night the dining table deserves to be wiped down to remove any type of food stains that may have taken up residence throughout the day. The kitchen sink needs to be cleaned due to washing food in this area as well as dirty dishes.If you have  a gas oven in your home it needs to be wiped down so that microbes cannot connect to the next food cooked in the area. Lastly, in the bedroom the bed needs to be made daily to keep up with sleeping hygiene.

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