Plastic and paper bag ban proposed in Austin

The Austin carpet cleaning experts of WOW Total Cleaning would like to announce that a ban eliminating the use of plastic and paper bags at every check out counter in Austin has been proposed and the City of Austin may pass it.

The biggest factor in the ban would take place in 2016 when there would be absolutely no single-use plastic or paper bags at any check out throughout the city. Bags for bulk foods, meat, produce and dry cleaning are among the exemption to the ban. Reusable bags would be the only option that could be offered by retailers.

An additional area of the ban would take place in 2013 and would affect the price of plastic and paper bags. Consumers would still be able to receive these bags but they would be charged 25 cents per bag. The city would receive 22.5 cents out of the 25 cents and would utilize that money to promote the use of reusable bags.

The City of Austin may vote on this issue as early as next month. To learn more about this ban, please visit the Austin Statesman today.

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