Using common household products to clean for spring

Spring cleaning doesn’t require purchasing all new cleaning products in order to thoroughly clean each room in a home. Several items that are already found in most households can be utilized for spring cleaning activities.

There are numerous unexpected items that can make a big impact on cleaning rituals. These items include: lemons, old towels, coffee grinds, salt, and vinegar. Lemons can be heated on the stove in order to combat intense unappealing odors around the kitchen. Old towels can be recycled into cleaning rags in order to avoid spending extra money on paper towels. These towels can also be reused after a simple washing.

Coffee grinds can naturally eliminate refrigerator odors. A bowl of old coffee grinds should be placed into the refrigerator in order to absorb these lingering smells. Salt can help remove build-up of bacteria on sponges, and white vinegar can act as a floor cleaner on almost any surface, just by mixing a solution containing equal parts of water and white vinegar.

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