Recent Austin rainfall sets new records

On Tuesday, April 2, Austin saw record amounts of rainfall for that particular day, causing many to sustain hail and flooding damage.

Several areas in and surrounding Austin, including Lockhart, Spicewood, Oak Hill, Manchaca, and more, saw several inches of rain in short periods of time, causing serious flooding in certain areas. Additionally, many areas were subject to flash flooding warnings, prompting motorists to avoid certain roads or take alternative routes. One major highway, Mopac, had severe flooding on its northbound route, causing long traffic delays.

According to the Lower Colorado River Authority, this rainfall caused Lake Travis to rise by one foot and Lake Buchanan to rise by two inches.

While the rain was much-needed in Austin, this storm also caused many power outages and flooding damage for numerous residents. Fortunately, our professional cleaning team at WOW Total Cleaning has the skills and tools necessary to help you address any water damage you may have sustained as a result of this flooding or other water problems. Call 512-291-0048 to schedule a consultation for essential water extraction services today.

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