Smartphone Apps Can Help with Spring Cleaning

Having a hard time finding the motivation to tackle those Spring Cleaning duties this year? Well, with Spring almost behind us, a variety of apps for your iPhone or Android smartphone might be just what you need to get these tasks taken care of one and for all. For example, if you’re having trouble getting rid of unwanted clothes and other household items, the app Rumgr can help you de-clutter. With this app, you can quickly snap a photo of your unwanted items and immediately post them as “for sale,” visible to others near you with the app.

Looking to spruce a few things up around the house but don’t feel that your home maintenance skills are quite where you’d like them to be? The app BrightNest can help. Use this app to get great maintenance tips and advice, decorating ideas, and little tricks that will improve all aspects of your home.

However, there are sure to be some spring cleaning tasks that are so serious, you will not be able to takle them yourself. Fortunately, the cleaning professionals at WOW Total Cleaning are ready to quickly and effectively get your house looking its best. Learn more by calling our experienced team at 512-291-0048.

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