Understanding mycotoxins and their potential health risks

Mycotoxins, or the toxins produced by mold species in moist conditions, can pose certain health risks when inhaled by humans.

In homes, mycotoxins may grow on carpets, walls, or anywhere in the house where a small water leak occurs for an extended period of time. After this growth, the mold can become airborne and inhaled by people living in the home. When this happens, a person may develop severe mycotoxins exposure, which may lead to adverse lung and skin inflammation. Additionally, mycotoxins can cause headaches, nausea, and vomiting. People with lung or breathing problems, like asthma, may suffer from worse health problems if these small toxic molds get into the lungs.

Households with dirty carpets and water leaks are more prone to mycotoxins exposure that can be hazardous. Contact the expert cleaning team at WOW Total Cleaning today to discuss cleaning your home and carpets. Schedule an appointment by calling 512-291-0048.

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