Eliminating allergens from your carpet

Carpets are a main source of allergens in homes and businesses, leading to sneezing or coughing fits and acting as asthma triggers. As such, it is necessary to conduct a regular cleaning of your carpets in order to keep allergens from affecting you and your family or colleagues.

One tip to keep allergens from lodging into a carpet is by controlling the room’s humidity with a dehumidifier. An indoor air cleaner or special allergy filter on your heating and cooling system can also prevent allergens from building up in your carpet. If you are looking to clean your carpet rather than simply try to prevent allergens from getting into the carpet, use ammonia, vinegar, or a special shampoo designed to reduce allergens in your home carpet steamer.

Allergens can come from a number of irritants, including pollen, cockroaches, dust mites, pets, cleaning solutions, chemicals in your carpet or its padding, paints, glues, molds, perfumes, among others.

WOW Total Cleaning can provide both residential and commercial clients with quality carpet cleaning services. Thus, if you live in the Austin area and are in need of cleaning services, contact us at 512-291-0048 today.

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