Simple solutions for cleaning your floors and tiles

Sometimes, we encounter unexpected and even really bad situations in which cleaning our floors is seemingly impossible. Not only that, but maintaining a floor’s cleanliness and safety can also be a grueling task none of us want to fuss over daily. Fortunately, there are simple ways and solutions that you can achieve great and clean floors, allowing you to leave the extreme tasks to the experts.

Try cleaning your floors and tiles with the following substances:

  • Ammonia – for removing old wax layers on your flooring and preventing it from turning yellow in time
  • Lighter fluid, pencil erasers, and steel wool – for removing heel or streak marks and smudges on the floor
  • Tea – for cleaning wood furniture
  • Vinegar – for brightening up ceramic tiles
  • WD-40 – for toning down shiny polyurethane coating

Get more cleaning tips and cleaning help for those hard tasks from the experts at WOW Total Cleaning. You can reach us at 512-291-0048 to ask any questions you may have or set up an appointment.

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