Burnt-On Grease

Burnt-On Grease

Burnt-on grease is one of the most difficult cleaning challenges in the kitchen. While keeping the sink clean can be a challenge, it only takes a single kitchen accident for burnt oils to become near-permanently stuck to your stove. Burnt-on grease can confound even the most experienced amateur kitchen cleaners.

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Grease Cleaning Tips

Grease is never easy to clean from kitchen utensils, floors, or tables. When it has been burned onto a surface, such as a stove or the interior of an oven, it can be very difficult to remove. Tackling burnt-on grease often requires intensive labor and strong cleaning products.

Most people try to clean burnt-on grease with whatever cleaning products they can find in the store. Labels that promise “extra grease cutting power” rarely work as well as consumers hope. Instead of watching their kitchen troubles vanish, most people eventually give up in frustration.

Some people have tried using baking soda and vinegar as a home remedy, but that is just not as effective as serious grease-cutting cleaning products. It can also leave a brown foamy mess, creating the need for more cleaning. In the long run, it’s easier to seek the help of a true cleaning professional.

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