Caring for Natural Stone Flooring

Caring for Natural Stone Flooring

Stone flooring comes in a variety of materials that lend beauty as well as practicality to your home. You may choose a simple rock floor or a colorful travertine surface. These materials are strong and durable, yet it is important that you care for them so that they keep their luster.

At WOW Total Cleaning, our natural stone flooring experts understand the importance of taking care of your floors. We have perfected gentle yet effective cleaning methods to restore your stone floors to a welcoming shine. To learn more about our cleaning methods and the types of stone we can clean, please contact an Austin natural stone floor cleaning specialist from WOW Total Cleaning today at 512-291-0048.

Simple Tips to Protect Your Floor

Sand, dirt, and other gritty substances are stone flooring’s greatest enemies. These abrasive particles can scratch your beautiful floor when present on the bottom of shoes and feet. To protect your floor, you should place non-slip mats at your doors so that people can wipe dirt and sand off their feet before entering. Other tips to protect your floor include:

  • Clean regularly with a broom or dry dust mop to gather loose dirt and sand particles
  • Use cleaning solutions with a neutral pH to avoid streaking your stone flooring
  • Avoid products with powerful cleaning chemicals like vinegar or ammonia
  • Use only soft cloths or brushes on your floor to avoid scoring the stone
  • Utilize vacuum cleaners only if it does not have a beater bar or brush

With good care, your natural stone flooring can stay beautiful and lustrous for many years to come.

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Sometimes, your natural stone flooring may need a deeper clean than you are able to provide. The natural stone floor cleaning specialists from WOW Total Cleaning can give your floor that deep clean without damaging your stone floors. For more information regarding our services, contact a knowledgeable Austin natural stone floor cleaning technician from WOW Total Cleaning at 512-291-0048 today.