How to Care for Bamboo Floors

How to Care for Bamboo Floors

In recent years, bamboo has emerged as an increasingly popular home flooring option. Aside from the aesthetic benefits that bamboo floors offer, they are also an environmentally friendly option, due to the remarkable speed with which bamboo grows. However, bamboo floors require moderate maintenance to ensure that they remain in their best possible shape.

If you have bamboo floors in your home, a professional floor cleaning service may be able to help you keep your floors looking as good as new. Contact the Austin floor cleaning specialists of WOW Total Cleaning at 512-291-0048 today to talk to one of our friendly maintenance professionals about what our services can do for you.

Tips for Maintaining Bamboo Floors

Bamboo floors, like wood, are sensitive to dirt, sand, and other gritty particles, which can leave unsightly scratches and marks. To protect your floors from damage, follow these useful tips:

  • Limit exposure to moisture
  • Avoid using brooms with sharp bristles, which can scratch the surface
  • Do not use acidic cleaning solutions
  • Use shades on windows to prevent sun damage
  • Periodically change the position of furniture to prevent discoloration

By following these simple steps, you can prevent most types of damage and keep your floors looking as good as the day you got them.

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