Mildew and Grout

Mildew and Grout

Mildew is not simply a stain that builds up over time in bathroom grout due to extended exposure to water; it is actually a living thing. Mildew is a type of fungus that thrives in damp areas and has roots deep in the porous surface of the grout between your bathroom and kitchen tiles, making it extremely difficult to remove.

Bathrooms are the most common places to find mildew as the fungus feeds on the residues left around showers and sinks by soap scum, body oils, and pigment, and the constant presence of water in the porous grout between your tiles. Mildew can be extremely difficult to remove when it has been given time to establish itself, but the Austin grout cleaning experts at WOW Total Cleaning have years of experience in treating and removing mildew and other unsightly bathroom stains and are ready to put this experience to work for you. Call us at 512-291-0048 today to learn more.

The Cleaning Process

Our experienced cleaning professionals have the resources and experience to provide professional-grade cleaning rather than simply wiping down your showers and other grimy areas with a solution you could have bought yourself at the supermarket. For deep mildew in grout, we employ the following process:

  • Application of a pre-conditioner, loosening grime, and allowing other tools to be more effective
  • Deep cleaning using specialized scrubbing and power washing tools, allowing for full removal of any mildew growth
  • Sealant application, which prevents future mildew growth

After treatment from our cleaning professionals, you can expect your tile and grout to look great and stay cleaner longer.

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If you have questions about how to take care of unsightly stains and mildew growth, call the Austin tile cleaning experts at WOW Total Cleaning today at 512-291-0048. Our exhaustive care and treatment will leave your grout and tile looking as new as the day it was laid.