What Is Black Water?

What Is Black Water?

A flood can cause water to build up in a house, bringing in disgusting and dangerous contaminants. This indoor flood water can be incredibly unsanitary and if filthy enough, this water is known as black water. This water should be immediately removed from a home in order to protect both the home itself and the residents inside.

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Contaminants in Black Water

The hazards present in water will vary based on where the water came from. After all, a leak in a bathtub or faucet’s plumbing will produce relative clean water that makes more of a mess than poses an environmental hazard. However, flood waters and sewage leaks can create extremely unhealthy conditions that should be kept out of any home. Black water may contain the following contaminants:

  • Massive amounts of bacteria
  • Sewage
  • River water
  • Fungus

These contaminants can bring in rot and mold, and present a considerable environmental danger on their own. A water extraction and cleaning technician can work to remove the black water from your home and provide a full cleaning service to get rid of any remaining contaminants.

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