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A newly tiled floor is a sight to behold, pristine and shining in your kitchen or bathroom. While the tiles themselves are in the spotlight, never underestimate the power of grout to pull the whole look together! Of course, even if you don’t notice the grout in its best condition, it will certainly draw attention if it begins to deteriorate. If you want to keep your tiles pristine, grout sealing is an absolute must.

Why Proper Sealing is Important


Is it necessary to seal grout? Absolutely yes! It might not be your top priority when finishing a new floor or backsplash, but proper sealant on your grout will make a noticeable difference in many ways:

  • Protects your floors— Grout is naturally weaker than the tile it surrounds, meaning that it will likely start to degrade with natural wear and tear. Since it is also helping to secure the flooring, unsealed grout can eventually expose your tiles to unnecessary damage.
  • Makes it easier to clean – Sealant fills in the natural porous nature of grout, which in turn reduces the ability of dirt, dust, and spills to get trapped. This makes it much easier to wipe away grime without using harsh chemicals or extra elbow grease!
  • Keeps tiles looking their best – When we seal your grout, it becomes more water-resistant and less prone to discoloration or damage. Unsealed grout is easily stained by typical spills, like some juices, sodas, or wine. These stains will eventually discolor the grout and ruin the overall look of the floor.
  • Keep mold away – Mold loves moist environments, making your bathroom or kitchen is the perfect place for mold to grow. Proper sealing will greatly reduce the chance of mold growing in hard to reach places, and our signature sealant soaks into the grout to make it nearly impervious to water.

How Often Do You Have to Seal Grout?

Grout needs to be regularly resealed to prevent blackening from grease, ground-in dirt, and mold. Although it’s recommended to do it once a year, the frequency depends on the location of the tiles, the type of grout, the type of sealer you use, and amount of traffic the tiled area receives.

Some telltale signs that your grout needs resealing include chipping or cracking, which could expose your tiles to damage, or darkening that may signal dirt and grime has gotten lodged in the grout.

There are those who opt for a DIY approach, but unless you are a specialist yourself, you run the risk of discoloring your tile or improperly sealing the grout.  With so many floor sealants on the market, you should always defer to a professional grout sealing service to provide the right product for your tile. Whether you need a small patch resealed at home or an entire commercial property, trust WOW Total Cleaning to provide the expertise you need.

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