Residential Cleaning Services

Residential Cleaning Services for Austin Homeowners

There’s no place like home, especially when it’s clean! At WOW Total Cleaning, our residential cleaning solutions are here to make your condo, apartment, or home spotless from top to bottom.

We have cleaned thousands of homes in the Greater Austin area over the last 15 years, and each one is special to us. It can be a little unsettling to have someone come into your home, see your living space, and get to work cleaning up the dirt that accumulates from simply living life. But our team sees nothing but a home well loved, and we do everything we can to respect your space as we scrub it clean. We take pride in every home we take care of, and yours is no different!

Wherever the dirt is, that’s where we clean. Here are some of the house cleaning services we offer:

Residential Carpet Cleaning Services

One of the hardest household items to keep clean is of course carpeting. Even after consistent vacuuming, spot cleaning, and shampooing, eventually your carpet is due for some thorough, deep sanitizing. Our detail-oriented, and knowledgeable team doesn’t just follow cleaning procedure. We employ the most effective techniques, equipment, and organic cleaning products to not just get your carpet looking new and fresh again, but to be genuinely, completely clean even where you can’t see.

In short, our residential carpet cleaning experts can effortlessly remove stains, deep-set dirt and grime, and pet dander, no matter what kind of carpeting you use in your home.

Residential Tile and Grout Cleaning

Over time, spills, dirt, grime, and other contaminants build up on tiles, darkening or staining your grout. When this happens, don’t stress – contact WOW Total Cleaning.

We can give your bathrooms and kitchen a radiant glow. Our tile and grout cleaning team will:

  • Penetrate grout to break up grime and soil
  • Steam clean the grout and tile for a deep cleaning
  • Use specialized tools designed to clean grout and tiles, leaving them sparkling clean.

Tile and Grout Sealing

Once your grout and tiles are restored, set your surfaces up for success with our tile and grout sealing services. Sealing your grout and tile is the simplest way to prevent discoloration and stains, which negatively affects the appearance of your surfaces. Our unique sealers are designed to increase stain resistance and lengthen the life of your grout and tiles.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning Services

What makes hardwood surfaces so different from tiles, natural stone, and carpets, is the fact that homeowners usually use a mop and broom to do the cleaning. But the truth is that they are only helpful in pushing the debris and dirt around rather than picking it up. Only qualified floor cleaning experts like us can get your floor looking clean again.

First, our hardwood floor cleaning technicians will conduct a thorough analysis of your surface to identify what exactly needs to be done. Once the analysis is done, they start by removing loose dirt manually via a broom. Afterward, they then use a high-speed rotary brush to clean those hard-to-reach crevices leaving your floor spotlessly clean. Remember, if there are any gauges, separations, or cracks in the wood, our technicians can also fix these prior to the cleaning process.

Natural Floor Cleaning

Floors need frequent cleaning and care to reduce wear and maintain their appearance. Our natural stone floors cleaning services utilize microfiber mop pads and HEPA-filter vacuums to capture and remove deep-seated grit, grime, dust, and dirt, giving your house a sparkling appearance. We provide not only the typical floor cleaning services, but we also specialize and customize solutions for full cleaning, polishing, and refinishing for every home.

Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery collects contaminants such as oils, dead skin cells, and dust, which are undetectable to the naked eye. Getting rid of invisible grime is not possible with a typical vacuum, which is why we provide deep-hitting upholstery cleaning services that are safe for virtually any type of fabrics. By using our proven methods and modern equipment, we will leave your upholstered chairs, couches, and love seats revitalized and refreshed.

Air Duct Cleaning

Dirt, bacteria, pet dander, and dust slowly accumulate in your air vents. These pollutants lower the quality of the air you and your family breathe. This can be risky, especially for those with allergies.

Our air duct cleaning technicians use modern techniques to meticulously clean your vents, including air compression, brushing, and vacuuming. Contact us, we promise to leave you with dirt free and well-functioning air duct system.

Water Extraction and Restoration

From leaking faucets to burst pipes and flooding, water damage is among the most potentially destructive setback you can face in your home. If not resolved immediately, water flooding or leakage can cause damage to your structure, become an electrical hazard, and even lead to the growth of harmful mold.

Our certified and trained emergency water removal team use high-tech equipment that identify, map, and locate areas affected by moisture and water. These state-of-the-art machines extract, dry and ensure that your home returns to normal in no time.

How much do our Austin Cleaning Services Cost?

The cost of a professional residential cleaning service depends on various factors. When all’s said and done, the fee will largely be based on how long it takes us to clean your house, the type of cleaning you need, etc. Talk to our experts about your needs, and we can provide you with a better idea of the scope of work you can expect to get your home sparkling.

Our services sure clean up nice. Call Today!

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