• Water Removal

    Storm Flood Your Home?

    Our response team will take your calls 24-7 and get someone to you to assess and discuss how to move forward. Call us!

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  • Carpet Cleaning

    Can we clean your carpets?

    We offer reasonable prices to help keep your carpets clean. We can also offer protector to help extend the life of the cleaning. Your manufacturer suggests you clean carpets once a year.

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  • Tile & Grout

    Tile & Grout Dingy?

    Having your tile & grout cleaned can prolong the life of your floors. We offer cleaning and sealing to keep them looking newer.

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  • Mold Remediation

    Is your house moldy?

    Mold can affect your health. Our specialist can help rid you of this culprit in accordance with State Laws.

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  • Fire Restoration
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    Have a Fire Related Accident?

    We can get you back in your home, We offer several odor removal services as well as restoration.

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  • SteraMist


    A powerful technology in eliminating the spread of bacteria, SteraMist requires no wipe, no rinse, leaves no residues. The patented Activated Ionized Hydrogen Peroxide (AIHP) technology reaches surfaces that regular disinfectants can’t and does not contaminate the environment with any toxic by-products . SteraMist economical, easy to apply, and when you re-enter the room, you can “smell the clean”.

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The Austin carpet cleaners at WOW Total Cleaning understand how important your floors are to you. You live your life on your floors, and you trust that they will last you a long time. We are here to make sure that they do. Whether you have carpets, tiles, hardwood, or natural flooring, we have the experience and expertise you need. For over 15 years, we have been providing the greater Austin area with quality floor-cleaning service, and we are proud to offer our reputation to you.

WOW Total Cleaning is a family-owned business, which means we offer a level of personal accountability and quality assurance that other companies just cannot match. If you are looking for carpet, tile, and grout cleaning in the Austin area, look no further than WOW Total Cleaning. We would love to learn more about your particular floor-cleaning needs and to discuss solutions with you. To talk with one of our Austin cleaning experts about your needs, contact us today by calling 512-291-0048.