City of Austin reveals new downtown recycling program

Austin carpet cleaners of WOW Total Cleaning learned yesterday that the City of Austin has offered a new downtown recycling program that will make it easier for businesses in the area to recycle.

In the past, nearly 400 restaurants, bars, and businesses that were located in the downtown area were only able to recycle glass and paper products. There were designated bins for each recyclable product, and they could not be mixed together. The City of Austin announced yesterday that there will now be recycling bins that can combine paper, plastic, glass, aluminum and cardboard in the downtown area.

This change will not add any extra costs to these businesses, and is covered under a one-year contract with Waste Management. The City of Austin was looking for a way to make it easier and more efficient to recycle more products. Businesses have said that the new streamline program will tremendously help.

To learn more about this new recycling program, please visit the Statesman website today.

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